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6 reasons to buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift for Christmas

6 reasons to buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift for Christmas


Christmas is approaching and despite the fact that it is a time of holidays, meetings and dinners with friends and relatives, therefore a time of relaxation and fun, we must admit that they also have a stressful side; that of gift giving. We want to show the people that are important to us that we care about them. We want to surprise them, lift up their spirits and thank them for being something special in our lives. But often we run out of ideas. So, our current article comes as a solution to this problem and provides reasons as to why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most appropriate gift at this time.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil gift | Mavroudis Olive Oil


1.EVOO is an integral part of holiday cooking

Whatever food is on the menu, extra virgin olive oil is always a must in the holiday kitchen. A bottle of fine extra virgin olive oil will be greatly appreciated as a practical, but nonetheless refined gift.


2.EVOO is ideal for baking pastries

You can bake with extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. It is a healthier fat, full of vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols. The oil can also adequately cover the proteins from the flour and prevent the formation of strong gluten networks. A good bottle of high quality extra virgin olive oil is the perfect incentive to make cakes and cookies based on olive oil, guaranteed to bring amazing results. This is why cakes with olive oil are so popular right now.


3.EVOO promotes a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to encourage someone to make healthier food choices, give them a bottle of EVOO. If he gets into the habit of using it as often as possible, then you have led them onto the path of healthy living. In a previous article, we analyzed the multiple benefits of EVOO in our lives.


4.EVOO is a gastronomic adventure

Like a bottle of wine, an “unknown” olive oil is an adventure waiting to be discovered. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are the ideal pleasure for anyone who wants to introduce new flavors in their diet. An aromatic gourmet extra virgin olive oil with delicious flavor notes represents an adorable sensory adventure.


5.EVOO is an ideal and original gift

EVOO is anti-materialistic and is a better gift than a tie, a perfume or a piece of clothing.

EVOO as a gift is not common, so you are actually offering your loved ones an original gift. In this way you avoid giving something conventional, a gift like everything else.


6.EVOO is the most suitable gift for this season

The olive is harvested between October and November, so at Christmas you will have a very fresh EVOO, capable of staying on your shelf for a long time.


In conclusion, an extra virgin olive oil raises our standard of living in many ways. It adds flavor notes to our dishes, promotes a healthier lifestyle, encourages creativity in our cooking and is a wonderful journey of the senses. For all these reasons, and among others, olive oil is a wonderful gift that you can give this Christmas to the people you care about the most.

Stop your search for the “ideal” gift and find in our renewed eshop, with new products, fine EVOO for fine people. You do not need cards and notes, as the collection with our products, has its own special place in the pantheon of Corfu olive oil history, and is ready to take over every self in every home at Christmas.

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