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All the possible ways in which Mavroudis Extra Virgin Olive Oil can bring out the chef from inside of you

All the possible ways in which Mavroudis extra virgin olive oil can bring out the chef from inside of you.

Every time you enter the kitchen to prepare your favorite dish, you have two things in mind: First, to cook healthy for yourself and your loved ones and secondly to be inspired by delicious recipes that will combine the flavors you prefer.

It is not necessary, of course, for all of them to belong in the same category, since you can very easily do whatever mix and match you think of – both at your table and your cupboard as well. There is, of course, a limitation: To have in your cupboard the necessary ingredients, which can make your food healthy and delicious at the same time.

Olive oil for us in Greece is identified with a healthy and tasty diet, since it is one of the most valuable goods of Greek nature. Our extra virgin olive oil is the traditional Greek olive oil that you can use in your kitchen to ameliorate your cooking and utilize all its nutrients – down to the last drop!

So let’s see in detail why for many decades our extra virgin olive oil has been one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the market:

1) We have a wide variety of products for all your appetites: We have products that not only cover every taste profile, but can highlight any recipe with their unique taste and unique aroma and are ideal for all of you who enjoy something delicate. They stand out for their soft taste, their fine aroma as well as for their clean and bright color. You can use them to give a special taste to meat, legumes and all seasonal dishes of the Greek cuisine.

Au Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It is a rare premium EVOO presenting the best that Corfu has to offer, internationally awarded for its quality and standard of excellence. It is a first pressed, cold pressed medium blend olive oil made from selected olives picked during early harvest, from our family olive groves and processed within a few hours of the harvest at our olive oil mill and later bottled and packaged by the Mavroudis family ourselves. Au Mavroudis Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high polyphenol premium extra virgin olive oil produced in limited amounts, an olive oil rich in aromas, flavors and antioxidants. As the name suggests, “Liquid gold in a bottle”, it is addressed to you who prefer an olive oil with a balanced, full and rich taste.

Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The shrewdness of the two brothers led to the creation of refined Gourmet products based on their knowledge, their mood and pure Greek materials. Through our gourmet extra virgin olive oils, many different flavors emerge, which give new dimensions to the gastronomic creations! The secret recipe for each Gourmet oil has been painstakingly explored and formulated using only the freshest of local products and high quality green olives . These result in these amazingly delicious oils: Chill Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Orange Extra Virgin olive oil, Lemon Extra Virgin olive oil, Garlic Extra Virgin olive oil, Basil Extra Virgin olive oil, Rosemary Extra Virgin olive oil, Mint Extra Virgin olive oil.

Imagine all the flavor and health benefits of each of the above fruits with the very finest olives blended and crushed in a canister !!

2) Only the best are selected for Mavroudis Family: By choosing our olive oil, you can feel even more confident that behind every
bottle there are the best quality controls at all stages of production, from the mill, to the transportation, to the packaging and standardization, with modern methods and certifications for food safety. A specialized team of tasters that belongs to the human
resources of the company, carries out continuous taste tests aiming to ensure the excellent organoleptic profile of the olive oils that will be standardized.

3) Our awards seal the value of our extra virgin olive oil: The quality of our extra virgin olive oils is sealed by our awards, both inside and outside Greece. The continuous distinctions certify their unsurpassed taste, and in fact they have distinctions in the top competitions in the world, in which the members of the committee are both opinion formers and taste experts and are selected through the most prominent associations of chefs and sommeliers. Our extra virgin olive oils continue to receive awards, gaining a place among the most delicious products in the world.

4) The traceability of Mavroudis Extra Virgin Olive Oil that makes the difference: You may not know exactly what the “traceability” of an olive oil means, since it’s not a widely used term. We give you the opportunity to find out where and how exactly our oil is produced as you can visit us at our mill. One of the members of the Mavroudis family is always available to welcome you and guide you, explaining all the stages of production of olive oil. With that you will know every moment of the exact origin and the way of production of the olive oil that you have in your hands, with absolute certainty! Our olive oil enters your kitchen and takes your cooking to the next level in countless ways that enhance the taste and nutritional value of each of your meals.

Quite simply, by choosing any of our products, you are sure that you have not only one of the best Greek olive oils, but one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. By choosing one or more of our olive oils, we guarantee you that you will leave your family, your visitors, and those who try your creations, completely and utterly speechless!

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