Olive Oil Corfu

A very long tradition of pruducing an Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Corfu




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Vraganiotika Village
Corfu, Greece

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Gourmet Olive Oils

The Mavroudis family is very proud to present their award winning Gourmet olive oils . The secret recipe for each Gourmet oil has been painstakingly explored and formulated using only the freshest of local products and high quality green olives . These are the resulting amazingly delicious oils..


Chill olive oil….
Orange olive oil….
Lemon olive oil….
Garlic olive oil….
Basil olive oil….
Rosamary olive oil….
Mint olive oil….


Imagine all the flavour and health benefits of the above fruit with the very finest olives blended and crushed in a canister !!

Gourmet olive oils