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Mavroudi olive groves repeated their miracle with 9 medals!

Mavroudi olive groves repeated their miracle with
9 medals!

Mavroudi olive groves repeated their miracle with 9 medals! Contemporary epic at the International Olive Oil Competition in

A golden, modern epic was written by the Mavroudis family at the International Olive Oil Competition in London, winning 9 prizes! This remarkable distinction is one of utmost importance, as this international competition applies very strict quality criteria for the selection and award of olive oils, all of them based on the taste methods as defined by the International Olive Oil Council.

It is considered one of the largest and most prestigious competitions in the world, with the extremely high score of 9/10, based on the EVOO World Ranking system. The tasting test of the olive oils in this competition is done with the method of blind tasting by expert tasters of international prestige.

The degree of difficulty becomes even greater, if we take into account the high number of participations, with more than 900 entries for 2021, all from olive-producing countries with rich tradition in the field and a high-quality level of production.

The olive groves of the Mavroudis family collected 9 medals in total, one platinum, five gold, two silver and one silver medal. The 9 olive oils that were awarded at the London International Competition are the following:

This rare and unique collection of awards for our products, as they were distinguished with at London, along with the nine awards at international level, consists an important distinction of the highest level. This distinction does not only apply for the olive groves of the Mavroudis family, but also for the whole of the olive growing industry of Corfu.

These distinctions prove the commitment of the Mavroudis family to the production and distribution of products of excellent quality and superior taste, transported daily to the table of Greek and foreign consumers and are able to satisfy the diverse tastes of

At the same time and the same way, the know-how, the well-trained staff and the use of modern technology on every level, from the gathering to the processing of the products, are the crucial features that make our business a reference point for Corfiot
olive oil production.

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