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Mavroudis Corfu Family Olive Oil a Conquest of Berlin with 9 awards

Mavroudis Corfu Family Olive Oil a Conquest of Berlin with 9 awards

Mavroudis Corfu Family Olive Oil Conquest of Berlin with 9 awards. Once again, continuing the tradition we have created by the continuous stream of awards we have gained in all the competitions we have attended, the olive oil of “Mavroudis Corfu Family Olive Oil”, which is produced exclusively in the olive mill of our company in Vraganiotika, Corfu, was privileged with the honor of gaining 9 awards in one of the most important international competitions, the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2021.

The Berlin GOOA (Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards) 2021, encompass the multi-year collective knowledge and expertise of high-profile scientists, food tech pioneers, and key business players, setting the standards for a credible, transparent, and innovative global olive oil competition.

764 olive oils from 22 olive-producing countries of the world with a long tradition in the field and a high level of production, such as Greece, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Tunisia, Portugal, Morocco, France, Italy etc., participated in the big international competition in Berlin. In such a competition, the olive oil from the olive trees of the “Mavroudis Corfu Family Olive Oil” managed to be honored and distinguished with 9 awards in the following categories:

Mavroudis Corfu Family Olive Oil Conquest of Berlin with 9 awards

These olive oils, with the high scores and the corresponding awards in a competition that is governed by strict criteria, such as quality, taste, ethics and design notwithstanding, are now included in the Elite Olive Oils of the Berlin GOOA 2021 competition.

For a country like Greece, whose history, image and tradition are completely intertwined with olive oil, it is a great honor for the “Mavroudis Corfu Family Olive Oil” company to have its products recognized worldwide for their quality, unique taste and originality in production and technological process as they are being produced in our state-of-the-art facilities.

These awards are an addition to a series of similar awards that the company has received in recent years, along with their equivalents in international competitions. These awards justify the efforts, the toil and the willingness of the Mavroudis family to promote and export Corfiot olive oil worldwide, while highlighting the potential of the Greek land.

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Our Extra virgin olive oils have been Awarded in Tokyo and Athens

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