Olive Oil Corfu

A very long tradition of pruducing an Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Corfu




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Vraganiotika Village
Corfu, Greece

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Olive Grove

The Mavroudis family are the proud owners of 2000 olive trees thriving in numerous olive groves , a large proportion being from the Lianolia kerkira some of which are up to 700 years old !! a variety native to Corfu and the Ionian sea region . Under the right conditions and care ,produces an exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil , usually high in beneficial polyphenols.


Other varieties that belong to the family include the Koroneiki , that have been planted more recently ,and produce an olive oil with an intense green colour, a fruity and delicate flavour and is characterised by a very strong aroma ,rich in precious organoleptic substances and vitamins and low acidity.

olive grove