Olive Oil Corfu

A very long tradition of pruducing an Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Corfu




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Vraganiotika Village
Corfu, Greece

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Olive Harvesting Method

There are two main ways to harvest olives for oil , hand harvest and machine harvest. No harvesting method is better than the other , the quality of the olive is ultimately determined by how the process is executed .


The key to making high quality olive oil begins in knowing the right moment to harvest the olives. The ripeness of the olives at the time of harvest ultimately determines how the olive oil will taste , greener olives generally produce a higher quality extra virgin oil with an intense grassy flavour .


We begin harvesting in the last weeks of October ,we hand harvest our families olives using vibrating rakes that gently shake the fruit onto nets slightly raised above the ground , so that when they fall they are not bruised .This method makes sense for a lot of the surrounding farmers that utilise our mill too . Each batch will be transported to the family mill and be pressed within 24 hours.

Olive Harvesting Method