Olive Oil Corfu

A very long tradition of pruducing an Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Corfu




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Vraganiotika Village
Corfu, Greece

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Olive oil Innovation Milling

The mavroudis olive mill is run and operated by the family so giving complete care and attention to the olive oil extraction process and so guaranteeing a premium olive oil. Always using the first pressed ,meaning that the olives are crushed and pressed only one time, and cold pressed method , meaning processing with low temperatures ,ensuring that we do not destroy the high amounts of polyphenols , antioxidants and monounsturated fatty acids that make olive oil so healthy for you . The mill begins production in the last week of October ,running 24 hrs a day , seven days a week through the high harvesting weeks of November and December , so ensuring same day pressing of these freshly harvested olives .Before processing the olives are washed and streams of air are passed through them to remove soil, plant debris,food residues,dirt,grease and other matters.


Olive Oil Mill

Our mill is modern and hygienic following all the food grade conditions to ensure the suitability and saftey of the olive oil at all stages of production . Also we keep time of processing as short as possible and so keeping oxidation levels to a minimum , we follow all the principles that result in producing high quality olive oils.We store our olive oils in large stainless inox steal at conntrolled temperatures ,where the air is removed and replaced with nitrogen ,to protect the olive oil from oxidents preserving its taste,the aroma and its high nutritional value. Our olive oil is stored in these tanks and left to settle in controlled conditions for weeks or months to allow sediments to be separated from the oil , we believe that this oil has superior sensory characteristics .

Olive oil Innovation Milling