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Vraganiotika Village
Corfu, Greece

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Phenomenal awarding for Greek oil.

Phenomenal awarding for Greek oil.

Phenomenal awarding for Greek oil. Six awards for the olive
groves of the Mavroudis family company in the International
Olive Oil Competition of Athens – Special prize for the best Greek
olive oil of the Ionian Islands!

The 6th Athens International Olive Oil Competition, for the year 2021 was held at
Lesvos, an island where the olive tree has marked its historical course and appearence,
with very important olive groves and the production of high-quality Extra Virgin olive
oil. So, at one of the most emblematic olive oil production areas of Greece, the
Mavroudis olive groves from Vraganiotika, Corfu, managed to stand out and add six
more awards to their collection.
The competition was held with a record number of entries, as 25 judges from 12
countries rated 570 olive oils from around the world; among them were some of the
most famous and best olive oils in the world. The experts of the international jury came
from Argentina, Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, the USA, Spain, Israel, Italy,
Morocco, Portugal, Turkey and, of course, Greece.
The rating of the samples was done according to the system of blind taste testing,
with each olive oil having a different code and the categorization of the samples was
done in a way that ensures their fair and equal evaluation by the judges. The following

olive oils of the Mavroudis family won the trust and preference of the judges, in this
strict and, at the same time, meritocratic competitive environment:

The gold medal was awarded to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a product of cold
pressing which is prepared with great attention and emphasis on detail, like all our
products, exclusively in the olive mill of our company in Vraganiotika, Corfu.

Phenomenal awarding for Greek oil.Gourmet Rosemary, with its continuous awards in international competitions (gold
medals in 2020 both in Tokyo and Berlin) was awarded with the silver medal.

Phenomenal awarding for Greek oil.Gourmet Chilli, which for three consecutive years has been constantly winning
awards (2019 and 2020 at the Athens International Competition and the gold medal in
Tokyo), stood out with the silver medal.

Phenomenal awarding for Greek oil.Gourmet Orange, just like in 2019 at the Athens International Competition, was
awarded with the silver medal again.

Phenomenal awarding for Greek oil.Gourmet Mint & Spearmint won the silver medal and is made by combining olive
oil with mint and mint.

Phenomenal awarding for Greek oil.
Along with the medals awarded for each product separately, special awards are
given, including the “Special award for the best Greek olive oil per region“. For the
region of the Ionian Islands, this award was given to the company “Mavroudis Family Olive Oil“. Thus our company was made a worthy representative of Corfu olive
growing, with products sought after around the world.
“Liquid gold” according to Homer! “The Great Healer” according to Hippocrates!
Symbol of peace, wisdom, prosperity and victory. Nourishes, maintains, protects and
heals. Guided by its invaluable place in nutrition, health and culture, the Mavroudis
family continues, with the preparation of its pure products, to honor in the best way this
living heritage, this gift of nature!

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Our Extra virgin olive oils have been Awarded in Tokyo and Athens

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