Propagating An Olive Tree From Cuttings

Propagating an olive tree from cuttings. Fill an 8-Propagating An Olive Tree From Cuttingsinch nursery pot with a mix of sand and peat.  Completely saturate the mix with water but press out excess water. Poke a hole 3 – 4 inches deep in the center.

Cuttings should be from the tip of a healthy olive branch and about 7 – 8 inches long.   Choose one with a 1/4-inch diameter. Sever or hammer it to crack it 1/8 inch below a leaf node. Remove all the leaves except a few on top.

Dip the cracked end in 0.2-percent IBA rooting hormone and gently tap to remove the extra. push the cutting into the hole in the moistened sand mixture and press the soil in tight around it. (Be sure to get the proper concentration there are 3 grades. Be sure to follow the instructions there are health and environmental hazards associated with this product.) The powder has been proven to work better than the gel.  Be sure to use plastic gloves.


Propagating An Olive Tree From CuttingsPlace the pot on a propagation mat inside a lightly shaded area and set the temperature on the mat to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mist the foliage twice daily with a spray bottle. Be sure to check the soil, it should be stay moist.

After three months there should be roots on the base of the olive cutting, you can check by gently tugging on the cutting.  Continue watering and caring for your new sapling with the heat off, can be placed into a larger pot or planted.