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Reasons to Choose Olive Wood Utensils for Your Kitchen

Reasons to Choose Olive Wood Utensils for Your Kitchen


We know that wood is a natural material that warms and beautifies the atmosphere wherever it is in the house. Whether it is a wooden floor (parquet), or a wooden bench, a monastery table or a rustic library, it impresses with its naturalness. Its flaws, its knots, the flow of the grain and its various shades offer a timeless way of decorating a house.

Humanity has always used olive wood as a material to build furniture, but tools and utensils as well. And despite having stopped using it in our kitchens, impressed by new materials such as aluminum, plastic or ceramics, and becoming aware of their benefits concerning hygienic and environmental practices, the return to traditional materials is again gaining ground. So let’s look at the following reasons as to why we prefer wooden utensils in our kitchen, over any other material.


Olive wood is:

  1. The most environmentally responsible choice:

It is a recyclable, organic, biodegradable, ecological material that does not harm the environment.

  1. Proven to be the healthiest choice because:

It does not react with food acids: Wooden tableware does not react with food acidic substances. A low quality stainless steel spoon usually leaves an iron-like taste on the tongue by changing the taste of the food when used to pick up foods with high acids, e.g. lemon juice or tomato sauce. Its non-reactive nature is also the reason why a good honey spoon is made out of wood, keeping the taste of honey authentic and unadulterated.

It is stainless and non-corrosive: Unlike iron, wood does not rust or corrode when exposed to acid. Plastic cookware is actually anti-corrosion and non-corrosive, but it is not heat resistant. Plastic compounds are very weak to heat and are slowly eaten away by food residue.

It is antibacterial: The results of the research show that wood has the natural ability to kill germs and bacteria. Bacteria seem to grow faster in cutlery and cookware made of plastic and iron compared to wood. Wood shows the ability to stop the growth of bacteria that are applied to its surface. Both new and used wooden cutting boards retain this ability equally well, unlike plastic ones, which when scratched by the constant use of a knife, cannot be adequately cleaned.

  1. Poor heat conductor:

This means two things: Firstly, your hands do not burn when you grab a ladle, a bowl, a serving platter, or a plate when it comes in contact with hot food. This makes it safer for children as well. Secondly, the food is kept hot longer as it is not affected by the temperature of the wood, such as when served in a cold porcelain dish, or when stirred with a cold iron spoon.

  1. Soft and gentle material with surfaces:

Cooking with metal often leaves scratches on the surface of the pan. The “wound” in the cooking pot should not be underestimated because the chemical contamination of Teflon or iron will affect the cooking results which, if consumed, are harmful to the human body. Wooden spatulas do not leave scratches on the pots. So they have two benefits: Firstly, they do not destroy the kitchen utensils, therefore making them economical and secondly, they do not burden our body with the leakage of harmful substances from steel or iron utensils in our food.

  1. Durable:

Proper care will make wooden cooking and feeding utensils last. Wooden utensils are generally very durable, elastic and can stir a very acidic liquid. We treat the wooden kitchen utensils with a special candle and oil and keep them for a lifetime. Burns or scratches can also be easily repaired by sanding. And they can be thoroughly cleaned with just lemon and salt.

  1. Comfortable to use:

Comfort in cooking is one of the factors that contribute to quality food. The handle on the wooden cutlery and cooking is very convenient due to the round shape on all sides. The cooking activities that require you to stir for a long time are less tedious if you use a wooden tool that is comfortable and light when holding it. Also, it is quiet and does not cause the annoying tipping, tapping and screeching sounds that dishes make when knocked together by accident or when they are used with metal utensils. When it comes to dishes, bowls or serving plates we do not worry about how to place them on the table because they are not in danger of breaking. They are lighter, and thus, less tedious to use, but also safer for children.

  1. Aesthetically superior to all:

The creativity and elegant designs of wooden cookware offer a beautiful and elegant look. It is no coincidence that wooden kitchen utensils are exposed in kitchen decorations. They give color, warmth, interest, and finesse wherever they are used. Apart from being useful, they are decorative elements that satisfy the senses. Wooden kitchen utensils are an excellent choice for a gift as they are timeless, durable, useful and aesthetically unsurpassed. The kitchen which displays cutting wood, wooden spoons and dishes is a decorated kitchen.

  1. Psychological care:

For all of the above reasons, using olive wooden utensils makes us feel safe, and responsible knowing that we have made the best choice for the environment, our health and the health of our children. We are connected with the traditions of old, the recent and the ancient past, awakening our memories. Wooden utensils are quiet to use, and do not risk breaking, thus creating a quiet and carefree daily habit. The use of wooden utensils satisfies our biological need to see, touch and smell natural materials, ground us and bring us to the present.

The olive tree was, is, and will be a symbol that represents Greece. Especially on our island of Corfu, where there are over 3 million olive trees, the olive tree is a living part of our daily lives. In addition to olives, this invaluable tree also offers its wood, of unique quality and aesthetics.

These are the reasons why we use olive wood in order to create useful tools and objects for everyday use, as well as decorations of special beauty. Our products are completely handmade and all of them are unique and useful. Our dedication, passion and imagination are the main ingredients for our creations.


Which utensils can I replace with wooden ones?

  1. Bowl: Mini, small, medium, large, giant. Bowl for olives and their seeds, bowl for sauces, bowl for cereals, pasta, fruit, finger food, bowl for baby cream, individual salad, family salad, salad for a large festive table.
  2. Dishes for every use.
  3. Cutting wood
  4. Lemon squeezer
  5. Fork for olives
  6. Bottle Rack
  7. Spatula
  8. Salad serving set
  9. Serving plates for meats, varieties of cheeses & cold cuts, burgers, pizzas, breakfast.


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