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What to do in Corfu – Reasons to visit the Mavroudis Olive Oil factory

What to do in Corfu – Reasons to visit the Mavroudis Olive Oil factory


Cosmopolitan Corfu, one of the most beautiful islands in the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean, with its huge cultural heritage, is one of the top travel destinations in the world.

In Corfu, one of the northernmost islands of Greece, you feel like you ‘re on an island-wide museum tour. The marvelous sights, the golden beaches, the ancient customs that are alive to this day and of course, the centuries old culinary traditions have managed to put the beautiful Ionian island on the map of the top travel destinations.

The classic Greek beauty of Corfu’s shores has always fascinated sailors, conquerors and artists. Here you can relax on the golden beaches, swim in the crystal clear waters, hike in the green hills or just walk in the picturesque alleys enjoying the local delicacies. Venetians, French and English dominated the island, leaving their own heritage in architecture, cultural attractions and of course, gastronomy.

Corfu has something to offer to everyone. The families choose it for the hospitality and warmth of the locals, the couples for the romantic, fairytale capital and the “explorers”, for the enchanting landscapes and the variety of activities it offers.

In many guides you will find instructions on which places to visit on the island, but in today’s article we will give you reasons to visit our family’s oil mill and get to know us!


About us

Just 25 km outside the beautiful city of Corfu and 20 minutes from the port of Lefkimmi, in the picturesque and historic village of Vraganiotika, Corfu, the landscape is dominated by the olive groves of the Mavroudis family, wherein the two most important and famous olive varieties of Corfu, “Lianolia” and the “Koroneiki Elia” have been cultivated for several years!

The olive trees of the family are cultivated in the traditional way, offering a unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is standardized in packages that remind and enliven the Greek tradition. The Mavroudis brothers, wanting to ensure its quality at all stages, from production to standardization, created the most modern unit in the area based on three fundamental axes: the cold pressing of the olive just a few hours after its collection from the olive trees (Mavroudis family being the first in Corfu to have established this process), the full quality assurance
with all the international and domestic regulations and the continuous analyses of the olive oil, in order to maintain its aroma and its low acidity that never exceeds 0.8%.

Our goal is the harmonious combination of tradition and innovation, to improve the quality of olive oil and its global recognition. The family’s constant awards in international competitions are a reward and enhancement of our love and passion for olive oil that composes our vision for it. This is the legacy that each generation passes on to the next.

Our oil

Our olive oil has a medium fruity intensity, it is mild, bitter and spicy to the appropriate degree, balanced, without flare-ups and exaggerations. It has a characteristic golden yellow color, fine aromas and a wonderful, authentic taste! As a result of the high quality and minimal processing that exists, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in natural antioxidants, vitamin E and phytosterols from the olive fruit
while it is free of artificial trans-fats that can be produced during refining.

Our olive oil is one of the authentic and representative gifts of the Corfiot land to those who love olive oil and recognize its high nutritional and taste value. It is the most delicious choice of Ionian olive oil for those who want to try the quality and a different culinary experience but also for those who want to try the most representative Greek olive oil for the first time.

At the same time, the ingenuity of the two brothers led them to create refined gourmet products based on their knowledge, their mood and pure Greek materials. Through our gourmet extra virgin olive oils, many different flavors emerge, which give new
dimensions to each of your culinary creations!

All of this, without sacrificing the values and quality standards that we set, resulting in our leading position in the market and constantly presenting new proposals with global distinctions.


Olive Oil Museum

The Mavroudis family introduces you to the world of quality Corfiot extra virgin olive oil, with authentic experiences of knowledge and taste. They have created a beautiful museum housed in a traditionally built stone building next to the olive mill and is an excellent example of a small, pre-industrial, horse-powered olive oil mill, which retains all the important authentic features of Corfu island architecture and
agriculture of the period.

One of the members of the Mavroudis family is always available to personally welcome and guide the visitors, explaining all the stages of olive oil production: the steady way of horse-powered grinding, the clever compression mechanism, and finally the storing process, in which the design and construction of bulky masonry plays an important role in order to regulate temperature.

Next, there is the tasting of olive oil, which clearly explains the basic elements of the different qualities of olive oil so that visitors know the right way to taste it and what to look out for when buying olive oil. The end of the tour is introduced with a traditional Corfiot treat, with olive oil and locally baked fresh bread, allowing the visitors to sample the taste at its fullest!

The olive oil museum not only gives the visitors a new perspective and knowledge about the oil they use every day, but also provides them with an unforgettable look at the life of an Ionian island village!

For these reasons, it is worth adding in your list a visit to our olive mill when you make your trip to Corfu, so you can get to know both us and our olive oils, as well as the history of Corfiot olive oil.

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